Eye-catching “Champs” Clashes — Girls (Part II)

6) Amoi Brown vs Janeek Brown (Class I 100m Hurdles)

Vere’s Amoi (13.33s) was a decisive victor over Janeek in the first “Battle of the Browns”, which went down at CARIFTA Trials. The decorated Wolmer’s athlete will obviously be eager to turn the tables at Champs. She will, however, be well-advised to keep a close eye on Edwin Allen’s Gabrielle McDonald, who was only 5/100th of a second in arrears in the aforementioned race.

Peta-Gay Williams’ record (13.56s) looks a goner.

7) Nicolee Foster vs Shiann Salmon (Open 400m Hurdles)

Holmwood’s Foster (57.85s) closed like a runaway freight train to pip a fast-starting Salmon (57.89s) in the Under-20 400mH final at CARIFTA Trials. Another titanic struggle between the two seems likely.

Both should have most to fear from Vere’s Sanique Walker. The talented 16 year-old is not only fearless — but is also 53-second flat 400m fast. It shouldn’t come as a surprise if she lowers her current personal best of 57.20 seconds set at last year’s Champs.

8) Tissanna Hickling vs Chanice Porter (Class I Long Jump)

Porter, of course, graduated the high school ranks some time ago. (In fact, she recently wrapped up her collegiate athletic career at the University of Georgia.) So, this fantasy match-up really pits St. Jago’s Hickling against the former World Youth champion’s 6.52m CI record.

Hickling has been peppering the sand between 6.20 and 6.40 metres all season. Such admirable consistency from a developing athlete often suggests that a big breakthrough is just around the corner. Will it be 6.55m+ big? Only time will tell.

9) Janique Burgher vs Lamara Distin (Class II High Jump)

Vere’s Distin has been duking it out with Edwin Allen’s Burgher since the very dawn of 2017. Both young ladies boast seasonal/personal bests of 1.80 metres. Both have also been consistently scaling 1.75 metres.

If Burger’s multitalented teammate Annia Ashley, a 1.77m jumper in CIII, can rediscover her best form, this one could quickly blossom into a tantalizing three-way thriller.

10) Gabrielle Bailey vs Fiona Richards (Class I Discus)

Victories over Richards at both CARIFTA Trials and Central Athletics Championships murmur that St. Jago’s Bailey may have just the better big meet temperament. However, the Edwin Allen thrower’s 51-metre bombs while winning at King of the Ring and G.C. Foster Classics hint at a higher current ceiling. This one could get really interesting if Richards fails to produce an early big one.

***Look out for Eye-catching “Champs” Clashes — Boys (Part I)***

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